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When you plan your career move as a physiotherapist, everyday skills are crucial. The physiotherapist resume environment employs wide range of physical therapists and of different techniques to treat and rehabilitate patients who are suffering from illnesses or have sustained injuries. From sports persons to industrial workers, pre to post natal women, disabled individuals, patients who are ‘in and out’ the hospital, to the general public, physiotherapists treats wide range of patients. The main objective in their job description is to ease the pain, restore and improve the patient’s physical body functioning and avoid further “dysfunctioning.”

As with other applying for a position in any field, a concise and well-crafted resume to have the better spin and summarization of your qualifications and achievements, secure the interview and catapult you to the job you want in the environment you are desperately seeking for. A successful resume is your key to success in your chosen career.

So how do you craft a good resume? Here’s an example:

Stephen W. Thompson

2311 N. Los Robles Avenue,

Pasadena, California

Phone: (626) 744-8227

Email: Stephen.thompson@gmail.com

Career Profile:

8 years of experience in treating and rehabilitation of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and skeletal illnesses. Expert in formulation and execution of wide range of therapy programs as well as patient assessments.


  • Extensive knowledge on human anatomy and body structures
  • Knowledgeable in Electro and Hydrotherapy
  • Good experience in rehabilitating majorly injured patients
  • Knowledgeable in using various medical equipment and new technologies
  • Good command of both written and oral communication
  • Passionate, patient, sensitive and tolerant
  • Good people skills, can build relationship with patients easily
  • Excellent practical and problem solving skills

Experience Experience

Physiotherapist since 2008 up to present

Pasadena Physical Therapy, Pasadena, Cal


  • Completes tasks of planning and implementing distinct intervention in collaboration with patients using graded exercises.
  • Monitors and evaluates treatments to measure patient’s progress and ensure the efficacy of the intervention.
  • Offers pediatric treatment evaluation as well as orthopedic cases.
  • Inspects different physiotherapy divisions within the hospital, including concerned advisers and collects referrals when possible.
  • Provides decisions and suggestions with regard to the patients’ dealings and care programs.
  • Performs different treatments for patients of multiple sclerosis spinal cord lesions, cerebro vascular accidents and motor neuron disease.
  • Conducts manipulation and mobilization of peripheral, as well as spinal joints.

Educational Background

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from California State University, Northridge, 2007


Dual-State Physiotherapist License – Cal/Az


American Physical Therapy Association, 2007

Active Membership


Sophie Black

Chief Physical Therapist

Pasadena Physical Therapy, Pasadena, Cal

Phone:  (626) 744-1537

Email: sophie.black@randommail.com

Parting Tips

Note that, when writing a resume, you’re basically selling yourself. Try to make it as well-crafted as you can, and even ask a friend or family member to edit and improve it for you. Highlight your accomplishments as a physiotherapist that presents a good picture of your skills and expertise.

When writing in paragraphs, add some white space to provide “breathing room” for the reader, and segment your resume with headings and sub-headings to introduce information. And lastly, NEVER lie in your resume.

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