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How to optimize your job application? Companies usually run graduate schemes in various universities at least once a year so make sure that you read all the information found on the company’s website where you want to apply; and incorporate all the advice they have for aspirants like you. Attend their events and show them that you are committed.

Tip #1

How to optimize your job application? If you want to specifically apply in a company; that may not be included in job fairs at your school or community then its best that you directly send them your application. Check out their website and see if there are vacant positions where you can be qualified. If ever no marketing – related position is advertised, consider sending them your CV anyway; so that if anything comes up they can reach out to you. It’s also best to find a direct point of contact like an HR associate where you can follow up your application.

Tip #2

If you apply through recruitment agencies, you’ll most likely get feedback; and tips on how you can nail your job interview. It’s their job to get you employed because that’s how they’ll get paid as a recruitment agent. They will definitely help you demonstrate yourself as a potential candidate; and will connect you to the best employers so make sure to put effort into your application before sending it to them. 

Tip #3

How to optimize your job application? Another great place to find jobs is through checking out various job sites; because these are excellent places to find a potential job. Salaries, job responsibilities, education and working requirements are almost always posted. 

Tip #4

Getting a job or a career opportunity sometimes knows the right people. As the saying goes, “it’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.” Sometimes jobs aren’t always advertised but if you know someone working inside your prospective company; he/she can personally recommend you to your prospective employer if any positions are available provided of course that you somehow have a great relationship with this person. They could be your friends, relatives, and even acquaintances.

Quick Hacks for Your Job Application

How to optimize your job application? As Steve Jobs said, “Simplicity is the best sophistication,” it must be easy to read and doesn’t contain fluff words. The standard font size is 12 and the font style could be Arial, Times New Roman or anything similar. Make sure to use section headings so that the details will look organized; it’s also best to use bold fonts, bullets, and small – length paragraphs to highlight key points; and make it very clear for the reader because usually recruiters/ hiring managers just scan the applications so you need to make sure that it’s clear, concise; and has content.

Career Highlights

What recruiters; and hiring managers look for in each position is two things: (1) What you did (2) How well you did it. As an example, if you’re applying for a social media manager; you must highlight in your resume any experience related to you handling social media accounts or perhaps your own personal page; you have to tell them how you’ve grown your followers or what strategies did you apply to reach a certain goal. Make sure to showcase what you did. It’s best to further explain on how you did it in your cover letter.

How to optimize your job application? Scrutinize your own work; and triple check for any errors.You must make sure that there’s no error in spellings, punctuations and grammar. The formatting and details must also be consistent with your cover letter. Have it edited or hire a proofreader if need be. Sometimes tiny details are the cause of rejected applications so ensure that every single detail is “perfect.” If ever your application should be submitted online; then print it and double check it before sending.

Getting Hired

How to optimize your job application? Here are the most important tips that any applicant should do once they’ve been scheduled for a job interview. This also applies to any type of positions or jobs you will undertake in the future.

  • Make sure to get the basics taken care of such as the time/ schedule of your interview, the location (what floor, what building, what department, what office), the contact person; the clothes you’ll wear, the routes/ transportation you’ll take on the day, the documents you’ll need to bring etc. You need to prepare for this at least a few days before your scheduled interview to avoid any unforeseen circumstances; as much as possible and for you to focus on the most important thing – your job interview. You need to be relaxed on the day of the interview by ensuring that these tiny logistics are taken care off. Make sure to arrive early so that you’ll have ample time to prepare yourself.
  • Make sure that you do your “homework” through research or due diligence. You need to know key things about the company, the products/ services they offer; latest updates in the company and the industry, the important people within the company etc. The more you know about the company that you’re applying to, the higher chances of success for getting the job.

Keep in Mind

How to optimize your job application? In addition to questions related about the company, you’ll most likely be asked regarding the details written in your CV/ resume so make sure that you know it by heart or at least you know how to justify the skills/ experiences you have written. It’s also best that you anticipate the questions a hiring manager might have which will be most likely related to marketing – their goal is to know if you are really capable of doing the job; and your work ethic in general.

They will most likely asked you questions that’s related to your values, your strengths/ weaknesses, how you work with others, how you respond to certain circumstances like if any problems come up; and how you can specifically contribute to the company’s success. You will definitely not guess every question and may not nail everything but what’s important is that you’ve come prepared and you’re confident.


How to optimize your job application? Don’t stress out too much! If you’re too nervous you’ll get mentally blocked by the time questions are thrown at you; you wouldn’t want to stammer and struggle during your interview because this will decrease your confidence. Make sure that you’re relaxed, and try to control your nerves. Sleep early the night before and just think positive.

It’s one of the oldest cliché but it’s the truth. The way you dress, the way you shake hands, and the way you carry and present yourself will set the mood for the whole interview so just relax, smile, be confident, and just believe that you can nail it. If you do that, the interviewer will surely feel relaxed as well and he/ she will be impressed with your confidence in no time. Show them that you’re the perfect catch! Now go and nail it! You’re dream job awaits!

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