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Do you want to become a business executive? When it comes to becoming a business professional not everyone is inclined to become one. Like anything else in life; for one to effectively communicate the value, use; or potential of a certain product or service – it will take knowledge, skill set, and attitude. All of these are important if you want to become a competent business professional.  Do you want to become a business executive? Companies, organizations; and even you as an individual needs an effective business strategy in order to convey what you want or what you truly are especially if you’re applying for a business position. Do you want to become a business executive? You need to know how to sell yourself; and develop your own personal brand so that the interviewer or the hiring manager will resonate with you and remember to hire you!

So You Want to Be a Business Executive

Do you want to become a business executive? An effective business executive should have the ability to be flexible because creating a business campaign for various organizations both online; or offline is going to be quite challenging and mind boggling at times especially if you don’t know your customers, or the whatever goods or services you’re planning to promote/ sell to the public.

The expertise of business executives nowadays is no longer seen as some form of luxury; but as a vital part of business strategy. Needless to say, the business department can make or break a business in the long run; this is why business professionals are highly valued in any company.

A Career in Sales

Do you want to become a business executive? Business executives are there from start to profit – it’s an essential part of any company looking to launch a new product or service. You are expected to be part of the project from birth; through conceptualization, to promotion and sales, and even after – sales. Business professionals especially those that are involved in retail also use their products to help consumers make informed choices.

If you want to be a successful executive; you have to know the art of buying and selling because these concepts go hand in hand – and this is one of the most important pointers you’ll learn from this article.

These days, it seems that the word “business” is a concept used by almost everyone particularly in the world of social media. From celebrities (how do I create my own personal brand?) to politicians (is the candidate marketable?) to entrepreneurs (how can I market my idea, product, services online/ offline?) to ordinary ‘netizens’ (how can I attract traffic to my blog? Or how can I be seen?). However; it’s quite hard to grasp what business really means especially for a newbie looking to start a career in this field, or an undergraduate that’s still undecided on what specific business job to pursue.

The Career Path of an Executive

Do you want to become a business executive? If you’re reading this; you probably wanted to gain a clear understanding of what business is especially from a career standpoint. You’re in luck because this article will tackle exactly what you need to know in this profession as well as the key job opportunities available in this field.

Do you want to become a business executive? Most colleges; and business schools including business professionals don’t really provide guidance on the wide array of career paths in the field of business; which is why it’s best to learn from a business professional like me who have been in the game for quite a long time. I will gladly share with you the hard – earned wisdom I learned along the way, and how the information; and recommendations I’ll share to you have helped me and others to start and sustain a career in this field.

Are You a Multi – Tasker?

Do you want to become a business executive? Consider this field as somewhat a playground for people who are good at multi – tasking; but still specialized in certain jobs. You’ll soon find out that each business career path is somehow interconnected with each other; and in order to gain specialization in one business profession; you need to combine all the knowledge, skills, methods, strategies etc. you can get along the way from other business careers.

Selling, promoting, or business goods, services, ideas; and even personal brands have become increasingly complex especially in today’s tech driven world. The job of a marketer became harder than ever before because of the competition online as it created various issues for people in the supply chain. Gone are the days when business professionals promote products and services only through direct and traditional forms of advertisements; such as those that we see, read; and hear on TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, events etc. Thanks to the internet, selling and promoting became much easier in many ways; and less expensive but perhaps quite specialized and more competitive than ever before.

What It Takes to Become a Business Professional

Do you want to become a business executive? We are a society of consumers; but because of the advancement of technology and the domino – effect of social media, business campaigns; and advertising decisions are becoming extremely challenging for professionals today.

Business is a systematic approach of selling products, services, ideas, brands etc. to people/ customers/ consumers. It can also be defined as the process of identifying, and designing certain goods and services that people find valuable to satisfy their needs or wants. It also comes from understanding the psychology of the market – the reason why some people buy a certain product or not. Business is a system that can help entrepreneurs to identify gaps in the marketplace; recommend or offer new products/ services; suggest to potential customers new ways of solving a problem; and/or influence the consumer’s mind to make a certain products or services a necessity even if most of the times it’s not.

More than Profit

Do you want to become a business executive? The American Business Association defines business as “the process of planning, and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods; and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.”

From all the definitions aforementioned, we can say that the term business encompasses a wide range of activities that help business executives effectively sell their goods and services; and also help promote their respective companies or organizations. Everyone who is in business needs business expertise because without it the business will ultimately fail. Businesses is all about making profit; they will never make any money if they will refuse to market their products or services, and the value of their company; no matter how superior their product is, or how well – structured their organization is. Therefore business is tantamount to creating value not just for the businesses’ customers but also for their shareholders and society as a whole.

Marketing and Business

Business is the bridge that connects the value of the consumers and what the companies or businesses can offer. Value is the benefit that’s received by the consumer whether if it’s functional (ex: HD TV); emotional (products that are worn or used for status), societal (leaders that can make a change) etc. It includes the tactics and methods that can help companies and organizations better understand their consumers’ needs, perceptions, and preferences. It’s a system that helps a company or organization focus on how they can create value and communicate it to their target market in the most efficient; and effective way possible.

Do you want to become a business executive? From a career standpoint; the profession of business is all about uncovering the tangible and intangible needs of the consumers; and delivering value to them in the most effective way either to gain profit or achieve a certain goal such as getting a politician in office.


There are some business roles that can’t really be divided into solely traditional business; or digital business because most roles are a combination of technology and traditional components. As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, some business careers are often intertwined, it’s just a matter of specialization.

Do you want to become a business executive? Traditional business professions today will mean that the tasks may not be dominated by digital whereas digital business careers will mean doing tasks; that are focused in using technologies, and various digital business strategies. Specialized roles are usually placed on online business professions; such as social media management, digital business management, web community management; search engine management, search engine optimization, etc.

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