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Do you want a career in sales? Marketing degrees teach students how to promote goods and services to potential consumers as well as analyze the consumer’s demands. The marketing lessons you’ll learn in school; or other marketing courses in general will definitely equip you to work in various areas; and in various industries. Do you want a career in sales? Marketing degrees and courses provide flexibility because it can be applied to a wide array of business – related work or professions which is the reason why it’s very popular; and perhaps a timeless career path. Do you want a career in sales? Thanks to the wide application of marketing education; these degrees can be studied at a bachelor’s level, master’s level, and doctorate levels

Sales and Marketing

Do you want a career in sales? Marketing degrees also offer opportunities for specialization; some degrees can provide you with a general knowledge that can be applied to almost any type of marketing; and business – related careers while some are geared towards a more specialized skill that can be applied in careers relating to quantitative, research; or behavioral marketing. Various specialized marketing degrees especially those that are found at the master’s and doctorate levels will also equip students for management roles such as Marketing Director, Brand Manager; and even leadership roles like Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales.


Do you want a career in sales? Here’s what you can expect from the educational and professional journey in the field of marketing:

Step #1

Do you want a career in sales? Almost all marketing professions will require an aspirant to finish a bachelor’s degree, and some will even recommend a graduate degree; that’s either related to business or specialized in marketing. No matter what degree you acquire, obviously you’ll never get to college without graduating high school. The subjects you’ll learn in high school may not seem to be related to the subject of marketing; but if you do well in general subjects like Math, basic Accounting, and English it’ll be an advantage for you in pursuing a marketing profession; because these subjects will provide you with a solid foundation for various courses particularly marketing and business.

In addition, joining business clubs, student government; or PR – related organizations in your school will also give you a glimpse of the basic tasks you’ll eventually do when you pursue a marketing degree in college since these clubs will give you opportunities to promote, sell; and communicate your ideas to fellow classmates.

High school is also the time to discover the specific marketing path you may want to take so that choosing a marketing course in college will be easier for you. If you are more inclined in PR then perhaps it is better if you take up communications; if you like to take on leadership roles then a degree in business management might be best for you etc. You don’t really need to identify everything at the onset but it’ll be helpful; when it comes to deciding what particular business/ marketing course you’re going to pursue if you know the subjects you’re more inclined with or the field in marketing you could be interested in.

Step #2

Do you want a career in sales? Acquiring a bachelor’s degree is the standard qualification for any marketing and business – related careers. A marketing degree takes about 4 years to complete, and it’s a staple course; that’s being offered by most universities and colleges nationwide. Marketing courses are usually integrated with a Business Administration degree, and can be taken up as a major with a minor in other marketing – related subjects. 

Step #3

Do you want a career in sales? Before you graduate in college, you’ll be required to take up an internship or an On – The – Job training. This is a very important endeavor; because it will provide aspiring marketers like you with real – world and valuable hands – on working experience. It will ultimately help students in reaching their prospective employers and also establish professional connections. This is also an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learned in school; not to mention the chance to network; and leave a great impression to your bosses so that they can help put in a good word for you or recommend you by the time you apply for a job.

Being an intern is a great and fulfilling experience for many college students; as it gives them a glimpse of the kind of career they will take in the near future. Internships may be taken during summer or even after graduation.

Step #4

Do you want a career in sales? As what they always say, “you have to start somewhere.” Once you’ve acquired a bachelor’s degree and completed your internship, it’s time to roll up your sleeves; and step into the world of employment. Gaining a working experience even if it’s just an entry – level job is something that any internship experience can’t match.

If you want to also continue your studies by getting a graduate degree like MBAs or PhDs; or if you plan in applying for a higher marketing positions then gaining a working experience will be crucial. The jobs of these entry – level positions usually involve administrative tasks, market research; and sales work which can definitely be an addition to your qualifications while also providing you with a valuable experience in the field of marketing.  

Step #5         

Do you want a career in sales? Depending on your overall career ambition; a graduate degree could provide you with more knowledge, and specialized skills; which in turn could lead you to more career opportunities. A graduate degree can also give you an edge if you want to take on management and leadership positions in the future.

Graduate degrees such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) and PhD are usually necessary if you want to climb the corporate ladder; or perhaps become a faculty in the academe. There are also other graduate marketing programs that provide a more specialized curriculum like in the field of digital marketing, advertising etc.


Do you want a career in sales? Depending on the specific marketing career you want to pursue; here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from each marketing degree level. An aspiring marketer can obtain not just bachelor; and graduate degrees but also certifications from colleges/ universities and even through education programs online.

Introduction to Sales

This is where you’ll learn fundamental concepts and principles of marketing and business in general. You’ll learn marketing research methods and become familiar with terms related to marketing. Have marketing strategies that can be applied to attain business goals. You’ll understand the basics of consumer behavior.

Principles of Retailing

Do you want a career in sales? This subject will provide an introduction to the overall business practices of the retail and sales industry in general. You’ll learn various retail management methods. You will also understand how multi – channel retailing and distribution works. It’s all about how to acquire, maintain, and also improve relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Buyer Behavior

This subject will teach you the principles of the consumers’ buying behavior including the psychological; cultural, emotional, financial factors etc. that affects the habits of consumers.

Do you want a career in sales? The ability to take advantage of the consumers’ buying trends and patterns which can improve sales will make you learn how buyer characteristics can influence purchases of customers. You’ll become familiar with the connection between profits and buyer habits.

Certification Programs

An aspiring marketer can obtain marketing certificates that are usually offered in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Certificate programs are usually intended to provide a tailored curriculum; and it only lasts for a few months and no more than a year. The credits of the certification you acquired could be applied towards a bachelor’s / graduate degree or it can also provide additional qualifications when applying for a job. If you want to apply as a college professor in business or marketing related courses, you can obtain a certification in marketing as an added qualification to the degree you’re holding.

Do you want a career in sales? When it comes to the curriculum; it’s usually based on the student’s preferences and also on the subjects that are being covered in the certification program.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Do you want a career in sales? This is a subject where you’ll learn the advanced methods; and techniques when it comes to identifying various consumer trends, and it will also teach you on how you can help companies take advantage of these trends.

The skills you can gain may include the ability to identify the needs and wants of consumers; gain knowledge on how consumers think and recognize trends; and the ability to recognize marketing strategies that can be helpful to specific business needs.

Management in Marketing

Do you want a career in sales? Students will learn how to create effective strategic decisions in order to execute marketing plans that are profitable for the client or business.

The skills you can gain is that you’ll be familiar with market – oriented strategic planning. You’ll also gain knowledge on how to implement digital marketing and social media marketing and learn how to design and execute sales promotions.

Multi – Cultural Marketing

This program teaches aspirants on how to effectively market to consumers from different nations and cultures.

The skills you can gain is that you’ll gain cultural knowledge based on historical data and also market research. You’ll learn to recognize the relation of consumer’s needs/ wants to their culture and why; or how they buy certain goods or services. You will also have knowledge on how to create targeted marketing plans that are customized for buyers from specific cultural demographic.

Associate Degree

Do you want a career in sales? An associate degree in marketing is best for people who want to gain knowledge about marketing but can’t commit to a full bachelor’s program. It’s also best for people who want start working while acquiring marketing knowledge. An associate degree will allow high school graduates to start working in the field after they’ve completed 2 years of high school. If the student eventually decides to get a bachelor’s degree; the credits you’ve earned in your associate degree will surely be counted.  

When it comes to the curriculum, it’s usually based on the student’s preferences; and also on the subjects that are being covered in the Associate Degree program.

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